An open BIble, Christians don't actually read it, though

The Ten Commandments – TRUTH

Yes, I am a theologian and a Bible scholar, but I don’t want to spend this blog explaining the arguments on both sides, I’m just pointing out that millions of Christians would consider someone telling you that you must obey the Ten Commandments to be un-Christian.

The Killers, watercolor

The Killers – No, Not The Band

Abstract Impressionist painting, art about America’s human sacrifice cult, it’s still in the shadows but it is working on taking over American fundamentalist Christianity.

Boat, Bird and Rock, photography-based black and white abstract

Power of Faith, The Greater Power of Falsehood

Awaken, sleepers … I’m talking about those who have always considered themselves to be people of faith but who never think of themselves as worthy to speak out in defense of that faith. That’s FAITH, not legalism!

Zombie Jerry Falwell, acrylic on hardboard - anyone want this?

Religion – Christianity’s False Prophets

For years now, I’ve been warning you that false prophets disguised as angels of light have invaded and taken over the church in the form of televangelists and megachurch ‘pastors’ and now the church is finally starting to wake up – or so I hope.

Death and Dying Truth, All Of It

This article is about the process of dying from a purely scientific perspective. It is not about Heaven and Hell -those are theological topics. I am talking about what we know about death, not what we wish. It might not be the whole story but it is all the story I can verify from personal experience and objective analysis.

Meaning and Meaningless-ness III

Legalistic religion is the inflatable doll of rational thinking: It fills the emptiness of reality with a pretty but vacant simulation. Although many need this illusion to survive, their desperate need in no way transforms the plastic into flesh and bones.

Meaning and Meaningless-ness II

The idea that the Bible is literally true and that, in effect, God wrote it – is a rather odd concept that only got invented in the last couple of hundred years. Before that, most people – at least most educated people – understood that the Bible was a collection of stories people wrote about their own searches for God and meaning.

Art, Meaning and The Meaningless

Abstract painting work continues and a new painting is added in the abstract gallery. My thoughts are racing between spirituality and objectivism. The latest paintings have been in a very free-form and stream of consciousness style. Perhaps because I find everything that exists to be more pointless with each day that passes, I’ve chosen to […]

God – Angry Dad or Drug of the Masses?

Today we have cynical power-seekers like Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye and James Dobson using the Angry Dad-God model for their own purposes. And I have warned you that this can and will degenerate into a killing and or a human sacrifice cult unless true Christians rise up as one to stop these people. This warning must be taken with the utmost seriousness or we are all doomed.

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