The Killers, watercolor

The Killers – No, Not The Band

Abstract Impressionist painting, art about America’s human sacrifice cult, it’s still in the shadows but it is working on taking over American fundamentalist Christianity.

Meaning and Meaningless-ness III

Legalistic religion is the inflatable doll of rational thinking: It fills the emptiness of reality with a pretty but vacant simulation. Although many need this illusion to survive, their desperate need in no way transforms the plastic into flesh and bones.

Meaning and Meaningless-ness II

The idea that the Bible is literally true and that, in effect, God wrote it – is a rather odd concept that only got invented in the last couple of hundred years. Before that, most people – at least most educated people – understood that the Bible was a collection of stories people wrote about their own searches for God and meaning.

Art, Meaning and The Meaningless

Abstract painting work continues and a new painting is added in the abstract gallery. My thoughts are racing between spirituality and objectivism. The latest paintings have been in a very free-form and stream of consciousness style. Perhaps because I find everything that exists to be more pointless with each day that passes, I’ve chosen to […]

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