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Donate An RV-Motorhome-Van-Bus For Art & Life!

Make a Difference for A Struggling Artist

A donation to help us all...

All these years of service and dedication to helping people and creating art that preserves as well as art that makes you think... now I'm looking for a replacement vehicle to continue my art travels. The way gas prices are going, a VW Camper/Westfalia might be ideal, but I'm open to possibilities for different RV or delivery truck arrangements that will make it possible to continue the chronicling of Oregon through art.

Maybe I have seen my last trip. But even though I'm getting old, I'm not ready to give up yet. So I'm asking for you to donate a motor home, van-camper or even a bread truck or bus you might have been planning to convert but never got around to it so that the journey can continue

Charity or Service

As far as I know, none of the super charities asking for vehicle donations actually use those vehicles. So your RV isn't going to help anyone directly if you choose the big charity route. Here's what they do with your RV: They sell it.  End of story.

I just saw one of these wonderful gifts on eBay where they came out and said the person had donated it to a "charity" and now this private party is selling it on eBay for 100% profit. And if that is what you want to do then fine. It is certainly a legitimate form of charity, albeit a rather commercial one.

Now here's the really good news: One person can make a big difference by donating directly to a working, traveling artist who brings joy and culture to some of the back roads of America. It's not your usual charity thing, this is different! This is an entirely different way to see a gift like this: Instead of an arms-length business transaction, why not make a direct connection with the recipient? Instead of making your donation to a monolithic, impersonal charity mill, why not have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is being put to positive use?

Mobile Art & History

Cold Morning, an original painting by Chriss Pagani, currently in a private collection.  I've been doing impromptu roadside art shows for some time now. While traveling around sketching and preserving in paint the disappearing color of rural America. These art shows are far more than sales pitches: they bring the culture of contemporary art to those who would otherwise never see it while preserving the life of natural America for future generations.

The artist has a goal of continuing this adventure of the human spirit while preserving America's rapidly-disappearing uniqueness, but the old motor home is pretty much toast -  it's on its last legs.

For those who love the my work, especially the paintings of Oregon - or who simply love the highest of expression of the human spirit that art represents - or who just want to do something that makes someone else HAPPY -  this is an opportunity to make a difference.

Tribute To Winslow Homer - Hebo Mountain, based on the watercolor Burnt Mountain by Winslow HomerMaybe it is time to think differently. Instead of an anonymous tax deduction, why not take direct action and give your gift to a real person who will appreciate what you've done? The tax deduction sucks. I can can give you some cash, and maybe trade some art, too! That's better than a stupid tax deduction. And you're helping a real person with a real mission.

By making this direct connection, you'll know what your investment is doing for the world -- because you'll see it in art shows! Don't wait, contact The Artist today.

This will allow a working artist to continue doing what the working artist does: Preserving a dying part of America in a tangible way and introducing small towns and fellow travelers to the highest of human culture. Now you can be part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

Cape Kiwanda Dory Boat Running The Surf - the last of a dying breed. A watercolor by Pagani in private collection The fact that you are reading these words means something ... just the fact that you would thinking about lending a helping hand is a great positive step.

Contact the artist

And thank you, in advance, for your kindness. 

  Not ready yet? While you give this some more thought, consider making a small financial gift to help the cause. Your gift can make a real difference in real lives.

Thank-you. ... And please, help spread the word!

Yours truly,        

-- Chriss Pagani    

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The Painter Of Oregon

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