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November 8th, 2005 (Tuesday)

The Truth About Death And Dying - The Real Experience

Death is big. Death, not life, is the centerpiece of civilization and the basis of what we do. Religion exists because of the fear of death. Our lives rotate around avoiding death, cheating death, flirting with death and denying death. And of course, everyone dies. That is why people want to know what death is really like. What is it like to die? I will tell you. I will also attempt to give you some hope - hope based on fact, not fantasy.

My personal experiences near death and the experiences of others I have interviewed give a good picture of what death is really like. It isn't the Hollywood version you are used to, and it isn't the picture painted by religion. If you really want to know the truth, you might as well know the truth.
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November 7th, 2005 (Monday)

New Abstract Painting, a Big One Like You Like Them

To find new paintings, usually you just have to check the galleries - virtual and otherwise, but I thought I'd mention that a new abstract has been added to my online collection. This one has been well received, which pleases me since I find that most people don't understand my work. Then again, maybe it means I'm doing something wrong. [Click Here]
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October 30th, 2005 (Sunday)

The Show, New Art, Reading, Religion, Reason

I had a great one-person show at the Inn At Cape Kiwanda - not a lot of people there, but the management clearly has a good understanding of art, far beyond the usual riff-raff we see here in our little part of the God-forsaken hell hole.

Time or lack thereof has kept me from keeping this site up as I should lately. I will work on that.

I've got some new abstracts that I haven't been able to's tough with huge paintings (96" x 84") because I don't have real studio space. I can only photograph them the same way I paint them: outdoors. And the weather hasn't been amenable to that.
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October 17th, 2005 (Monday)

I've Had It

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that human beings are, as a group, a lost cause. I've had a hard time accepting that. I still believe I have a message, but I have found that I live in a world where everyone is deaf, dumb and blind.

While people enjoy and even lionize my near photo-realistic paintings (as here), I often feel that this work can be done by a million people - and is.

Meanwhile, my abstract work - some of the first art in which neural programming was ever considered as the primary operative medium, is ignored ...or nearly so. People don't get it, don't want to get it, and just plain don't really care. In the past, I've just accepted that, but now I've had it.
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September 21st, 2005 (Wednesday)

Rescued Feral Kittens, Tamed and Trained For you....

These sweet little friends really need to be adopted. If you want to see more pictures of a kitten before you decide please write to me. Click on any image below to see a MUCH larger version of each kitty....

Kitten # 1  >>

She's  a sweet little tabby. She has short hair that is very
soft and a bright, outgoing personality.

Feral Kitten #1, a tabby


A feral kitten, rescued, short tailed calico with lots of personality!

<< Kitten # 2

Intelligent and friendly, this medium hair calico girl has a short
tail that makes her look extra cute. She loves people and she's full of

Kitten # 3  >>

The youngest of this bunch, she is the sole-survivor of her litter. I
didn't think she was going to make it. But now she is bright and happy
and loves people a lot. A very pretty little tabby cat.

A pretty little long-haired girl, this feral kitten practically tamed herself!

< < Kitten # 4

A medium-long haired kitty with an extra-sweet disposition. This
rescued feral practically tamed herself!

Kitten # 5 > >

This little orange marbled boy has a short tail like the calico
above. Calm disposition.

Short tailed orange boy

What they've had so far: Amoxycillin, because all of them were very sick with respiratory problems. Worm medicine. Flea treatment with Advantage. Box training.

Give the real gift of love...give a good home to a feral who never had a chance until you came along. I've done my part by rescuing these little fur balls, giving them antibiotics and worming them - bringing them back from the brink of death. They are soooo sweet, but they need a future.

Please help.

signed, Chriss Pagani

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September 12th, 2005 (Monday)

'Miracle' Baby Born To Brain-Dead Woman Dies

Remember the stories about how this big "miracle" occured? Yeah, God is good.

Remember how this was a "miracle" from God know, how God kept this brain dead woman alive (using cutting edge science, of course) so that she could give birth to a miracle baby. God seems hard-pressed to get anything done apart from using much-hated science these days. And then the miracles still turn out to be crap. They just aren't making miracles like they used to.

News Link: Miracle Baby dies

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September 11th, 2005 (Sunday)

Long Time, No See

Today is a day of remembrance. At the same time, I have to think about other things or I will get too depressed. When it comes to our national situation everyone knows exactly what should be done, of course, and that is very easy when you are not the one making the decision. The scary answer, however, may be that there is no right path to be chosen.

Yes, I've been away for a bit. The show in Tierra Del Mar went as well as could be expected and more things are coming, including a one-artist show on October 27th. You can join my in Pacific City for that one if you are interested. I will probably do Oregon paintings rather than abstract art, but you never know. I'm taking suggestions at this point.

Of course, I've figured out by now that few will ever understand my work. I just have to get used to it. This is particularly true of the abstract work. The average person is clueless. Oh well.

Oh, did I say I got a camper van? It's a little easier on gas than the motor home. Compact, though. If it isn't one thing it's another. It's good enough for overnight trips but the mileage is still *AWFUL* ..just better than the motor home. I wish someone would donate a VW van camper or a toyota or something that makes it easier to travel when gas is 3 dollars a gallon.

I've been rescuing feral kittens lately. Cat flu and other diseases have been killing off feral cats, along with an overpopulation of coyotes. So I've saved some half dead kittens I'm working on reviving. I took them to the vet and got antibiotics and worm medicine. Of course, next I'll have to find homes for them. I'll try to get some pictures in the near future.

Again, it's always something. But even as I look back with some sadness in the recognition that summer ends early in this part of the world, I have some anticipation of the peace that comes with the bad weather.
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