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Oregon Paintings
Paintings of Oregon life by native painter, C. Pagani

The Impressionist and Abstract Impressionist Gallery

Expressionism, Neo Expressionism by Pagani: The Expressionist Gallery

Abstract Art
Abstract Art Paintings by Pagani: Abstract Gallery

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The Abstract Art Gallery, abstract expressionism, abstract expressionist, dynamic tension and object-oriented abstraction - click to view the gallery

Abstract Art

   Abstract art is the point where paint and canvas interface with the human mind. The collection includes classical, mind-bending abstract expressionist paintings as well as cutting-edge object-oriented abstractions of movie fame. This is an eclectic selection of abstract paintings in a variety of media and can provide a great primer on the many directions of modern abtract expressionism. more...

Oregon Impressionism, impressionist and realist paintings of real life Oregon by a Native - click to enter gallery

Oregon Paintings

   Oregon is full of natural beauties and wonders - some of which, unfortunately, are disappearing. Chriss Pagani has recorded Oregon's scenic beauty in paint, in a style that gives the viewer more than a recording of events, but gives the emotional impact of Oregon life - which is why Chriss Pagani has been called the Painter Of Oregon. Collection includes watercolors, oils and pastels. more...

Expressionism, the art of feeling, expressionist and neoexpressionist gallery of Pagani art including survivor art


   Expressionism uses colors and shapes to convey emotional experience. Expressionists and neoexpressionists use representational techniques like impressionism and realism with the shapes and colors of abstraction. Pagani paintings tend toward representational art rather than abstraction, but strong colors provide the emotional impact of expressionism. more...

Classical impressionism, abstract impressionist paintings of Pagani - a small sample


   The Impressionist period was one of the most prolific and exciting in the history of human culture and today we are experiencing a resurgence of this powerful style. Yet before the latest brat-pack of artists rediscovered impressionism, Pagani was producing some fantastic impressionist work, even branching into a style that has become known as abstract impressionism. more...

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